Best Sites to Hire Pre-Vetted Developers May 2018

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There are tons of articles out there listing XX number of sites to hire developers already. This article focuses on the Pre-Vetted developers market places.

There is a trend of this type of job market places specific for technology and design projects. The Pre-Vetted talent market places claim to save a lot of time of your HR process (and budget) by doing the screening and selection of the best candidates for you.

Why am I doing this? Because I spent countless hours working for a client* in this niche. Thus I have gathered a lot information about the go to sites to find IT consultants.

The goal is to make it easier for every employer in need of programmers to understand its peculiarities and benefits.

How the pre-screening process works

The process is very similar in all these talented developers on demand platforms. This happens before you contact them.

  1. Job applications: They receive CVs and submissions from the developers.
  2. Filter the applicants: Depending on who you ask they filter the 10%, 3% or even the 2% among all the applicants. And also the criteria is not exactly the same in every company. For example in they explain their criteria to filter is based on: English proficiency, sample code tests, contribution to open or free projects and their related online footprint.
  3. Include new members to their pool: they add the new programmers to their pool from which they will later select the ones for you.

It is on you to evaluate how much this process would cost for you if you would do it by yourself.

How the hiring process works

You, the employer, join the hiring process now, right after the candidates pre-screening.

  1. Send a request: the potential employer sends a message explaining what they need the IT consultant or team for: a website, an app, etc.
  2. Confirmation from the platform: you will likely get a call or an email from the company to help you define your request and make sure they understood what you need.
  3. Get the shortlist: the platform finds the most suitable & available developers for your project from their pool. Some platforms claim doing this manually, others with AI, machine learning….. in the end it does not matter that much. The point is: you get a selection of matching applicants automagically.
  4. Contact & interview the applicants: now it is your turn to meet the developers for the first time who will eventually join your team or take care of the project you need them to do. It is important to note that until here you have not paid anything yet.
  5. Select the programmers: once you are satisfied with the cultural fit with the developers you need you start the free trial. The free trial can be between 24 hours up to 3 weeks, depending on the platform and kind of project.

Payments and contractual conditions

Most of the platforms will offer you both pay on a project basis or an hourly rate. Depending on this the billing can be:

  • Based on negotiated milestones
  • Weekly/Biweekly invoices

The contract you have is with the company and not with the freelancers.  Some of the times there is not even a contract involved, just a Letter of Engagement (LoE).

Some also give the option of hiring the developers directly after the end of the project. But it is not clear which are the conditions for this to happen and whether a (possibly remote) freelancer would be willing to go back to be an employee.

Commissions, fees, extra charges or hidden costs

They do not have any extra costs to the rate they will give you for hiring the developers. The pricing model they choose is to get a percentage from the amount you pay. It varies from platform to platform and even from project to project. So it is hard to say how much it is. But this usually affects more the developers side than the company who employs them. Or at least they see it directly discounted from what they see you are paying the middleman.

What if you do not like the performance or something goes wrong

In general these companies claim they take responsibility and will offer you a substitute and/or also quit the collaboration. While at the same time assuring very low rates of unsuccessful projects.

Which companies offer pre-vetted developers for hire

This model has been quite trendy and many websites have appeared which claim to give the most talented freelance developers to outsource. I basically list here the ones I found to be the most interesting, big and trustworthy.

I have linked their Twitter profiles, so you can get in touch directly if you wish to.

Save time and contact them from here

I have contacted the companies listed above and all some agreed to send them your details using the form below. If you are interested you are saving time and supporting me** at once.

The number of companies varies over time, even though I intent to include them all. You will get the confirmation of which companies received your request in an email some instants after you send it.

* I no longer work for this client. I do not think it is relevant to publish it here, but if you are curious about it, please contact me and I will be happy to tell you. 🙂

**I have asked them for a monetary compensation for each lead I send them.